Ad Astra: A Science Fiction Game


The authors assert the moral right to be identified as the authors of this work.

All textual materials on the Ad Astra website are © 1995-2003 R.C.D. Baker and D.Dye, unless noted otherwise. The authors grant permission for the downloading of this text for non-commercial purposes only. Any use of Ad Astra material for commercial purposes without the permission of the authors, with the exception of reviews of the game, are strictly prohibited.

Many thanks to:

Derrick Carpenter
for help with aliens and biology.
Paul Carpenter
for not thinking us mad, and, at least in part, for the Tiles.
Barney Curtis
for criticising everything, but still enthusing about it.
Craig Dean
for the Ad Astra logo and the Soos'Aer renderings. These images are © 1997-2002 Craig Dean.
Will Gould
for being a real historian and liking the Ad Astra future history.
Mike Seymour
for listening to long, semi-coherent ramblings about the game without complaint.

Without your help Ad Astra may not have been possible.

This work is dedicated to all those who still believe in our glorious future among the stars.

The future of Ad Astra

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