Ad Astra will be arranged into a series of five books, each with a projected length of 256 pages.

Book One

In the first semi-finished version of Ad Astra, there will be the following sections:

Section No. Pages
Introduction 11
History 21st Century 8
22nd Century 8
War of Martian Independence 4
23rd Century 8
Sol System Overview 2
Cis-Luna 12
Organisations 4
Mars 6
Belt 6
Phylai and Factions 32
Jovian League 2
Titan City 2
Other System Sites 2
AIs Overview 2
Alignments 4
Uplift Overview 2
Chimps 2
Dolphins 2
Whales 2
Archipelago Overview 2
Midgard (Alpha Centauri) 4
Elysium (Tau Ceti) 4
Izanami (Delta Pavonis) 4
Cybele (Eta Cassiopei) 4
Esperance (DM+56 2966) 4
Isis (Zeta Tucanae) 4
Persephone (DM+19 279) 4
Other Systems 10
Aliens Soos'Aer 4
Xiekantra 4
Technology Overview 10
Space Technology 4
Equipment and Weapons 6
The Galaxy Overview 6
Local Region 2
Local Starfarers 4
Game System 10
Glossary 4
Total 217 pages

Book Two

Book Two will be the first Sol Campaign: Dreams and Visions. It will contain eight scenarios and additional background material on Sol System.

Book Three

Book Three will be the Persephone Campaign, which is currently untitled. It will describe the arrival and development of Persephone Colony. The centrepiece will be the first interactions with the Xiekantra, the world's indigenous sophonts. Once again there will be full scenarios, as well as additional background.

Book Four

Book Four will be the Archipelago Campaign: The Tears of Kali. This forms the core of the Ad Astra story and we have already written brief outlines of all the scenarios.

Book Five

Book Five will the Galaxy Campaign: Darkness on the Face of the Deep

Ad Astra as initially conceived will then be complete.

The future of Ad Astra

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