Dreams and Visions

The first Ad Astra campaign is the Sol Campaign Dreams and Visions. Beyond telling good stories, the aim of this campaign is to introduce players and GMs to the background of Sol System. The player characters will be an investigative team attached to the Artsutanov Yakuza Court (Earth's 11th largest independent judicature).

In common with our other campaigns Dreams and Visions will consist of 16 game sessions of plot, which in this case will be arranged into eight discrete stories. At the moment we are about half way through writing the first of these episode, and the plot of the next three is just about decided on. During the second half of the campaign the story proper begins.

Projected titles for Campaign One stories:

  1. A Knife in the Shadows
  2. Tesseract
  3. Dreams and Visions
  4. States of War
  5. Requiem
  6. Balance of Terror
  7. Currently unnamed
  8. Broken Symmetries

Just to give some flavour, here is the cover blurb from the fourth scenario:

Maybe it started when the Imperial Battlecruiser Manifest Destiny, in a high orbit over Titan, unfolded its pulse cannon and fired three swarms of flechettes at the Astartan ship War Rocket Ajax. Or six hours before that when Archduke Lysander Wu defected to the Astarte Collective. However it happened, the Terran Imperium and Astarte Cluster were at war...

The future of Ad Astra

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