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Josephine Clément

Assassin for the Artsutanov Yakuza.


Average in height, slight of build, unSculpted, shoulder-length ash-blonde hair, cool blue eyes- Josephine seems almost out of place in a world of dense-packed exotica. Nevertheless, she embodies the intense, hard-edged élan to which all the people of Earth aspire.

Jo's appearance is deceptive. She is heavily Enhanced with soft cyberware: tacnet systems, enhanced senses, wired reflexes, CVTs, pain suppressors, polychromatic irises and hair, improved metabolic pathways, psychoactives, artiphages, the works.


Jo was born into one of the gang phratries of Shanghai. Her parents were both killed before she was ten years old and she was raised thereafter by the gang. The casual violence of shadow-war between the Yak and the Triads raging across Old Shanghai was hellish, and the only way out was to seek the protection of a strong phyle. Jo chose the Praesidium by enlisting in Consensus Enforcement.

At the time PraeSec was secretly training assassins for action with the CE taskforces. Her experience of irregular operations and aptitude for all manner of small arms soon landed her in one of the PraeSec training centres in Europe. During the intensive training she acquired many of her Enhancements; some were standard issue, but most were taken on credit- the more Enhancements the greater the chance of surviving. Two years later she was transferred to active duty in Singapore, and then to Burma.

CE was disbanded following the disastrous Burma campaign. Jo's contract was inherited by the Artsutanov Yakuza Court (a majority shareholder in Enforcement). Deep in debt, she was forced to use her skills in the service of the Court or face 'foreclosure'. She is officially an investigator, but is at best a covert agent and at worst an assassin.



Josephine hates working for the AYC. What once seemed like a way out of nightmare has become the path to hell. At the same time, she realises that any slip of professionalism, or any attempt to escape, would prove to be fatal. Her greatest motivation is to pay off her debts and escape.

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