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Mikhail Andreievich Odoyevsky

PraeSec colonel; operational unit leader.



Mikhail Odoyevsky is an ectogene, produced from the composite genes of two mothers and three fathers, all mid-level members of the Praesidium. One of his mothers was the captain of the ESS Belisarius, one of the TDF's Alexander-class destroyers. When Mikhail was fourteen, Captain Aliana Odoyevskaya was killed and her ship crippled while defending the ramship Mayflower II against Imperial attack; she was awarded a posthumous Cluster for Extreme Heroism.

It was Aliana who held together Mikhail's family, and without her his remaining four parents drifted apart. Two of them, Andrei Tutsikov and Catherine Shaw, formed a monogamous couple and Mikhail lived for a while with them in an apartment at TDF Aerospace Command near Hamburg. The death of his mother filled him with a cold, intense desire for vengeance. On his sixteenth birthday Mikhail Odoyevsky enlisted in the Terran Defence Force.

Forty years later...



Colonel Odoyevsky is a Terran patriot. He believes that the continued security of Earth should have the highest priority, and that this end justifies the taking of extreme actions. He will obey the orders of his superiors without hesitation.

The Colonel will never forgive the Belt for the death of his mother.

The future of Ad Astra

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