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Rachel Brennan

Solipsist cultist


Short, slender, copper-brown hair, serious green eyes, softly angular face warmed by a ready smile; attractive rather than beautiful.


Rachel grew up in a MetaSoft arcology just outside Sacramento in the Republic of California-Cascadia. In essence, C2 is a huge joint-corporate autonomous region, a hotbed of innovation and technology, but also a Gaianist heartland; a republic in name only. Rachel's parents (her father is a genetic artist; her mother a substrate software programmer) instilled in her the Extropian/Gaianist aesthetic of the Californian Dream.

Her sights set on a career in fundamental physics, Rachel majored in physics at UCLA, with a minor in cognitive science. As an undergraduate she was highly active in several philosophical and computer societies. It was widely joked that her best friends were the Department of Sentience Engineering AIs, a joke cutting surprisingly close to the truth.

In 2281 Rachel graduated summa cum laude and won a place at the prestigious LIT grad school. During her time as a grad student at LIT/Ptolemaeus, she became heavily involved with the Solipsists. Two years ago she withdrew from the course, left Luna and practically vanished. Her family have heard nothing from her since.


Rachel is not what one might expect of a fanatic cultist. She is calmly self-confident, charming, keenly rational, though quiet and sometimes introspective. Perhaps slightly too fond of her own intelligence, she has a tendency towards both subtle humour and gentle mockery.

Rachel delights in being enigmatic: beyond Solipsism it is never quite clear what she believes in. Her viewpoints and the cases she argues are mercurial. Much of the time she is simply advocating radical positions to prove that she can. Despite this, she has a fiercely moral core.


Rachel wants to protect Greg Heller's copy and The Descent of Ishtar.

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