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The Solipsists

"To postulate the existence of another universe empty of conscious life would be ultimately unscientific, for it would have no observable consequences. Similarly, any past events outside the absolute past of conscious experience would be, even in principle, unobservable, and so such events should play no part in a scientific theory. We are forced to conclude that the universe did not exist before we did. Reality emerged from consciousness"

Philippe Arnaud, Subjective Cosmology

The Solipsists are an ultra-Patternist cult. They believe that consciousness is entirely hardware-independent, even to the point of being independent of the universe. All causal chains that seem to imply that physics affects consciousness are in fact explanatory chains that make use of consensual reality to 'explain' qualia. In other words, consciousness does not arise out of physics and neurophysiology, but rather the reverse.

However, a corollary of the above is that consciousness must be entirely consistent with a 'physics first' explanation, for this is the only possible way in which consciousness could produce physics.

The Solipsists further believe that there is only a single consciousness responsible for physical reality. There is a seeming contradiction with the myriad conscious beings in the universe. This is explained by the single consciousness being internally subdivided into 'processes', each of which can be explained as being due to a separate viewpoint within the single explanatory universe.

Some members of the cult believe that all possible conscious experiences make up this consciousness, and thus that all possible universes and sets of physical laws embodying consciousness exist. Indeed some of these may even intersect in their 'effects' on the conscious experience, so that (for example) the interactions between dreaming and waking experience form a link between universes. The same qualia may also be explained in multiple indistinguishable ways, for example as a 'real' experience and as an oneiric simulation (possible in a universe obeying different physical laws), and these two explanations must both be true.

In a belief dangerously close to paradox, the Solipsists believe that the 'either way' symmetry can be used to modify the internal state of the consciousness by modifying the viewpoint of its elements within the universe. Their aim is to bind it more closely together, producing a unified viewpoint more akin to God. This naturally aligns their viewpoint with that of the Astartans (although for entirely different reasons).

They are actively involved in the smuggling of Controlled psychoactive nanosystems from Astarte Cluster to Earth.

The future of Ad Astra

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