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Cis-Lunar Philosophy

Laws and philosophies are not imposed on people in any way but, to enable the continued functioning of society, certain rights are provided to everybody by consensus. These rights are respected by all the major corporations, quasinations and phylai.

The basic tenet of Terran philosophy is that people should have as much freedom as possible. Even before the disgovernance of the EF this idea was central to the Eurasian constitution, and in the current state of anarchy it may be that this principle is a necessary basic consensus. This tenet is also central to the current system of voluntaristic, non-coercive transactions. People may enter into any agreements they wish (and, in so doing, may even elect to give up any consensual rights), but they may not be forced to do so.

A core idea is that of 'somatic freedom': that individuals have total control of their bodies. This is really a 'negative right': if someone wishes to do something with their body and has the means to do so then nobody else has any right to interfere, unless others are adversely affected. This one freedom covers the rights to modify the body in any way (such as the use of cybernetic enhancements), to autoeuthanise, to engage in any sexual acts, to use any drugs and so on. This right extends to control of access to or modification of substrate hardware by non-biological intellects.

The future of Ad Astra

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