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Orbital Society

There are many more nations (the Orbital Republics) and corporate autonomous regions in space than on Earth. This is largely because all the habitats have been built by specific groups for specific purposes; the builder of the habitat is almost always able to control the governing of that habitat. There are considerable variations between the various habs, but each is internally fairly homogeneous. Of course, it is possible for the wishes of the population of a habitat to diverge from those of its owner (witness the independent Belt), but in Cis-Lunar Space this cultural divergence has been reduced by the frequent mixing of populations and attitudes across the region.

No habitat in the Earth-Moon system is as isolated as those of the Belt (and beyond), and so all the inhabitants of cis-Lunar space see themselves as members of the same Terran society. Indeed Cis-Lunar Space is treated for most purposes as an extension of Earth, and its inhabitants are granted Ecclesial votes and Praesidial protection. However, there are a number of phylai more numerous in orbit or Luna than on Earth, and some corporations active almost exclusively in space.

The Orbital's are the strongest bastion of the corporate culture that is slowly dying out on the planet below. For centuries the Cis-Lunar cities have been dominated by the Metanational corporations which were almost exclusively responsible for their construction, and whose employees were their first citizens. The all-pervading nature of the Metanational influences in the orbital habitats has almost entirely displaced the traditional beliefs and customs that have long dominated civilization on Earth.

The future of Ad Astra

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