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The Metanational Corporations

Cyrax Computers, cybernetics, biomedical nanotech, artificial intelligence.
Exxon-Mitsui Owner of the American beanstalk.
IM Industrial Morphogenesis. Biotech and geneering: leading designer of neo-organs and enhanced genomes. Also medical nanosystems and pharmaceuticals.
KDE Kobe-Daewoo Engineering. Megastructure engineering. Owner of the Singapore beanstalk.
MetaSoft Operating systems, software tools, jinn, oneiric spaces.
Mitsubishi Assembler-based manufacturing systems, automated engineering systems and technical artificial intelligence.
Nexant Industrial nanotech and space construction. Megastructure engineering. Many of the innovative nanotech companies of Carbon Valley are owned by Nexant.
Soyuz-Mikoyan Aerospace, fusion drive spacecraft.

The future of Ad Astra

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