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"Much of the human race, both on and off Earth, is still grouped into structures comparable to the nation-state. Terra must be prepared to relate to these polities as if it too were a nation"

from Presidial Security Doctrine

The Praesidium maintains an intelligence and covert action division 'on behalf of all the citizens of Earth'. This is Praesidial Security. As a spook force, PraeSec does not publicise its activities, but the storming of Titov Orbital, during the troubles following the imposition of the Volatiles Embargo, has been disclosed as one of its operations.

The larger of the two sections of PraeSec is Trans-Lunar Intelligence. TLI is primarily involved in external espionage, spying on Mars, the Belt and the free habitats throughout Sol System. A smaller section, Cis-Lunar Intelligence is involved in activities within the governed regions of the Earth-Moon system, as well as counter-espionage. There are recurrent rumours of CLI actions outside its stated area of operations, but there has been no evidence to substantiate them.

The future of Ad Astra

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