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The Terran Defence Force

The TDF is a small fleet of warships maintained by the Praesidium for the defence of Cis-Luna and for military operations in the trans-Lunar theatre. The primary unit of the force is the task group, each built around a Valkyrie- class attack carrier. There are presently three task groups, supported by several smaller forces and a number of detached vessels. One group is always on duty in the Saturnian system, helping to maintain the balance of power at Titan. Another is always stationed in a Lunar parking orbit.

Overall command of the TDF rests with the Intelligence and Strategic Operations Command at Mare Nectaris, Luna. ISOC objectives are set by the Ecclesia through the Praesidium Council. There are two TDF sub-commands, Aerospace Command at Hamburg, and Deep Space Command at Kaliningrad. Most of the TDF shipyards and support facilities are in Lunar orbit, but there is also a substantial presence at L4.

Near ISOC is the second of the large TDF Lunar surface facilities, the Nectaris Command School. The TDF also maintains a number of sensor systems, hardened command and control bunkers and weapons at other sites on Luna.

The future of Ad Astra

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