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New Artsutanov

New Artsutanov is the orbital terminal of the second Eurasian beanstalk (the first was collapsed during the War of Martian Independence). The beanstalk's ground terminal is in Gabon, in the West Africa Autonomous Region.

NA was a free city from the first, constructed by the Mars Coalition as a gift to the people of Earth. The beanstalk was officially opened on the first anniversary of Disgovernance Day and since then Artsutanov has shown in microcosm all the virtues and failings of Terra's new society.

The only generally recognised authority in Artsutanov is the Environmental Integrity and Traffic Administration, which is responsible for the maintenance of the habitats and essential facilities, and the safety of local shipping. Besides EITA the most powerful organizations in the city are the ex-Eurasian transnats and the Artsutanov Yakuza Court, a generally corrupt judicature.

The future of Ad Astra

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