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High Columbia

The Exxon-Mitsui/AAS beanstalk is the oldest of Terra's current three orbital towers and as such the least technologically sophisticated. Construction work was completed with touchdown in Ecuador in 2178, some three decades after the completion of the first EF/AB-Benz beanstalk. With the decline of the AAS, Exxon-Mitsui took an ever greater hand in the control of High Columbia, the beanstalk's terminal.

Today the efficiency and organization of High Columbia stands in stark contrast to the anarchy of NA. High Columbia is dominated by the old metanats. Exxon-Mitsui leases areas of the city to other organizations, but demands adherence to a strict contract that defines acceptable use. As a result Columbia is reminiscent of the lifeless corporate arcologies of a century ago.

The future of Ad Astra

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