Sharp Blue: Context switches are bad


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Something I’ve noticed since temporarily moving back in with my family is that my productivity (in terms both of writing and of reading) has fallen sharply. Some of this is because I seem to be tired all the time now that I’m getting less sleep and having to do more chores, but I don’t think that’s all that’s to blame. I think the main factor is that my free time is now badly fragmented. It takes a little while to get into writing or reading - perhaps ten or twenty minutes - and I very seldom have that long between interruptions. For example, I’d just sat down to read more of Alastair Reynolds’ Chasm City when my sister shouted out a request for help with Windows Media Player. Immediately before that, I’d returned from washing dishes, which had interrupted my previous attempt to get into the book. Now I’m killing time while my mum makes a cup of tea, because I know that it’s not worth trying to read on. The only truly uninterrupted time I get is after 11pm, but I can’t read for long then because I have to get up early in the morning when my family does. And that’s just my problems with reading - it’s much worse trying to write or program anything.

I do believe you need a tree fort in which to run away and read. I'll supply pillows and various snack foods! Cheers- Nicole

Coffeehouses. Go to a coffeehouse. Take your laptop. Get a double espresso. And look up three hours later...

It's better than Focus!

You think you've got problems? Try programming when you've got a Gaute in the house.

Every 45 minutes he comes in, disses my bracketing style, tells me that if he had been writing this program he would have finished it in a couple of hours, and then pisses off to watch some more Hentai.

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