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Some of you are probably wondering where the archives, search facility and so forth are lurking. At the moment they’re hidden under the hood while I think of how to display them. My philosophy with this site is that as far as possible it should be “pure” hypertext, and that there should be no intrusion of the machinery of web navigation into the surface level. You should be able to print out each page, and it should all make sense as a static document. Clearly, this has already been somewhat compromised by the navigation bar at the top and the comments system, but just dropping in all the usual stuff associated with a weblog as a table somewhere would totally destroy it. So, until I’ve put in a bit more thought and figured out how to do things most elegantly, all of that functionality will remain hidden.

And if you were wondering where it all is, you’re probably more in need of a life than I am…

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Is hyper text really more hyper than regular text? Do you think maybe we should call up some psychiatrists for medication for the poor text? *laughs*

I like these pages. Very simple... very.... Antoine de St. exupery would love you. He said "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away" That seems to be along your line of thinking, hmm? At least as far as aesthetics are concerned?? Very nice Rich. Me, I used to go crazy when I started making web pages. I had counters, search engines, invites to sign my guestbook, animated graphics, scrolling tails worse than what people see on acid trips... the whole shebang. But I like this simplicity- I could never keep myself from ruining something so simple but I do appreciate it. In the same way I appreciate Picasso but would never be able to stop myself from straightening those eyes and fixing those noses... hahah....god, I sound like a plastic surgeon.

Nice one, but i think you should focus on improving a little bit and putting new content. Ohterwise i always encourage such ideas.

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