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The taxi driver who drove my dad to the hospital for his radiosurgery just rang on our door and popped in to see how my dad was doing. Our entire previous acquaintance with him was a fifteen minute taxi drive. He said he was in the neighbourhood and just wanted to wish us the best. I didn’t think that things like that happened nowadays. It’s made my day, and partially restored my faith in humanity!

My dad is feeling much better. Since the treatment, his hands and feet have stopped being cold all the time, he’s no longer sweating excessively, and he’s not as tired as he was. He’s already talking about how he wants to do some sanding work on several doors in the house. I never thought that one short treatment could make such a difference.

Wow! That's great! Although it would take more than that to restore my faith in this species... this genus, really. But it's great your faith is restored so easily! He he. *evil grin* Where is my flame thrower?

GOD DAMN SOMEBODY TURN OFF THAT FUCKING MUSIC! I don't want anyone to "take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty..." ARGH! TURN IT OFF I AM HOME!

hey.... that is SO wonderful... im sorry that the other people who posted are morons :) but im really happy for you and your father... best of luck with everything!

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