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Today is National Self-Injury Awareness Day in the United States (despite that page still being about last year’s day…). If you don’t know anything about the prevalence and causes of self-injurious behaviour then today might be a good day to browse Deb Martinson’s Secret Shame self-injury information and support page. Even if you aren’t aware of it, it’s likely that there are people in your life who use self-inflicted cuts or burns to handle stressful situations, and yet so few people know anything about the phenomenon.

It is also National Self-Injury Awareness day in the UK and in Aussie land too. (I would of mentioned it earlier but wasn't 100% sure).

Self-Injury Awareness Day is the First of March every year.

See for Self-Injury Awareness Information.

whats the ribbon for self injusr awareness day bc ive looked it up and i ve gotten 2 answera i think it would be red and sky blue...but im not totatly sure...

whats the ribbon for self injusr awareness day bc ive looked it up and i ve gotten 2 answera i think it would be red and sky blue...but im not totatly sure...

I've also heard it is orange... I would like to know too

I think it's orange...?

hey all...the ribbons are red and black for injurers current and past/survivors, and orange and white for concerned parties, relatives, whatever...

so basically...two ribbons glued together so that when they're looped around to make the half is red, the other get the point...

well i hurd that orange is for self injury, and orange and white is for conserned parties and recovering self-injury

Hmm, I'd been looking to find some and couldn't them, the website that was famous for them is a redirect... But as far as I know it's either red and black for survivors and white and orange for those concerned, or orange across the board.

Orange band + White beads = The person self-harm's and wants to stop.

White band + Orange beads = Means the wearer supports people who self-harm...

Hope thats help :)

i dont know i always htough it was just orange. for all of it adn a clear bead for those that wanted to recover

on sites i've seen where you can buy jewellery there are often bracelets with orange beads (colour for self injury) with one white bead (colour for hope).

i think orange is becoming more universal now. i started using it because the majority of the web pages i found had orange as the main color. i also got some information from (website has changed now). visit my webpage and check out what i've would take too long to type. peace.

orange = currently self injures orange and white = in recovery white = never self injured, but offers or support OR the color to wear if you don't want to reveal your history blue = mood disorders [depression, etc] red = eating disorders

i thought it was red and black for everyone. i have gotten like 4 different answers so im not so sure...

but then again y should we have different colors for different ppl????? it just gets confusing to be quite honest...

I'm going to wear 2 different ribbons. one orange and one black & red

Okay I've looked on many sites and found that most of them are Red+Black ribbons= Injures Orange+White ribbons= Concerned Parties

I've seen the red and sky blue ribbons. What are they sposed to mean?

i dont know that a universal color was actually ever said. i think some people use blue and red, and some use orange. i like orange because it stands out more and people notice it!

I heard it was:

orange=still injures self orange and white=survivor white=concerned parties

ive never heard black or red. I suppose today would be the day to figure it out though...

Plain Orange - Active self injurer Orange & White - Recovered/Trying to stop self injurer Yellow & Orange - Suicidal & self injurer Blue and Red - Depression/Mental Illness and Eating Disorders Plain Red - Anorexia Red & Orange - Ana & SI Red, Orange, White - Recovered Plain Purple: Bulimia Purple & Orange - Mia & SI Purple, Orange, White - Recovered

There needs to be a consensus on is AIDS, and has been for years and years. Survivor vs concerned vs active is going to be confusing. Personally, I think orange is probably the best bet. Not identifying different types of people. Otherwise, you get people like the pro-ana groups that use identifiers for support in these habits.

Another FYI, purple is most common for sexual assault awareness. Yellow is known for (I believe) suicide awanreness and prevention.....these are pretty common national ones that the government sponsors.

I just wanted to add something. I used to self injure, but I will always be in "recovery" and never "recovered." As a (hopefully) future psychologist, I think that people need to realize that self-injury is a coping mechanism and shouldn't be confused with suicidal actions or ideation. People do much "crazier" things in the name of beauty, thinness, etc.

For ribbons its red and black. The orange is for BEADS - Orange beads if you self harm; - Orange and white if you used to; - White if you have never self harmed but understan

Hey, if you read this, I've recently set up a forum that deals with self harmers, as well as their friends and families.

If anyone reading this would like to join, feel free. the adress is

where do you you get a free self-harm ribbon from?


it's orange - self injurer

orange and white - if you used to self injure

and white if you don't but are concerned/want to spread awareness


These ARE the colours used . . . def in UK anyway :D


it's orange - self injurer

orange and white - if you used to self injure

and white if you don't but are concerned/want to spread awareness


These ARE the colours used . . . def in UK anyway :D

im a self injurer and suicidal so i would wear the orange ribbion and the yellow and orange?


where do you you get a free self-harm ribbon from?

you can get the wristbands from from the shop...

you can get the wristbands from from the shop...

Colour Meanings

Plain Orange - Self Harm (Awareness)

Orange with 1 white - Trying to stop Self Harm

Orange and White - Recovered Self Harmer

Yellow and Orange - Suicidal and Self Harm

Blue and Red - Depression/Mental Illness and Eating Disorders

Hope this helps...

wt cula do u fink i shud get if u usd 2 do self harm but dnt nemor-yet u dnt wnt ne1 2 no???

So plain orange is for current SI-ers, right? By reading the comments, there was some confusion on this.

Wow, this is confusing. If there are different colors for beads and ribbons, that's confusing, not to mention odd. I actually want to start some sort of SI awareness organization, and I'm going to say that orange is for self injury awareness. By adding different colors to mix in, it makes it confusing and hard to find "safe" people.

Yellow is suicide awareness/prevention. I'm getting trained as a part of the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention coalition in my area (midwest USA). The point of all this is to make the issue recognizeable without showing off "battle wounds"....agreed?

how do i get hold of these wristbands?

This is a website that you can really by the wristband ribbons from in the UK:

Hi! I'm looking for any sites that sell the SI awareness bracelet. I looked on the sites and If anyone could give me any information..please email me!! Thanks!

i got my self harm awareness band from it's black and says "damn cat" on it but there are other options available, i think that the cat one is best because (unless you self injure and have had to come up with excuses for it) other people wont know what it's about. the website is also good. it sells the ribbons and badges and bracelets. love Alex xxx

i can not find any of the SI Awareness bands online. but i really would like to get one. if anyone here is involved in self harming. please feel free to join

a messege board and support central for those in need.

I want i self harm bracelet but i have no money to pay for one. The reason i want one is because i use to self injure myself and i have done it recently. Thanks for posting my comment, Rachael.

For those of you looking for self injury/harm awareness bracelets we sell both the 3 coloured bracelets (orange, orange & white, white) and the orange silicone wristbands that say "Time Heals" on them.

We can and do ship WORLDWIDE and offer many payment options ~ so have a look at the ebay page listed . . . you can also buy them straight of us if you email too =)

x x x

Hi this is Ruby again lol ~

go to this link for awareness wristbands and bracelets

and because i forgot last time ~ you can email us at:

for enquiries and/or orders worldwide =)

(Normally I disallow adverts and other commercial messages, but I am making an exception in this case.)

Just so you guys know, you can get absolutely free SI bracelets here: The girl who runs this site said that she doesn't want any money for them, she just wants you to try to wear them often to raise awareness.

Hey im a former SI and i still do. I hav attempted suicide and I have previously had anorexia nervosa and bulimia. Im doing reasearch on SI Awareness day because my friend told me about it and i was interested. If you could help me out in any way (ie. color clarification) please E-mail me or or

or just leave a commen on my Xanga


or vampire freaks


Thanx a bunch Chelce

well i'll be making and distributing orange and white ribbons this year - i ask for a donation to nshn. email me for details!

i used to make red + black, but lots of people are less keen on this. i feel different combinations is too confusing, so orange + white seems the best bet. people don't need to identify if they've self harmed or not.

carrie xx

oh, and i'm in the uk...

carrie xx

Or if you don't want to pay or can't pay, you can make one!

the colour for present s/hers is orange, has the plastic bands, and the new bead ones should be up very soon.

i don't know if links are allowed, but this is very good, it has loads of information about SIAD and what you can do:

if i want to order a self-injury bracelet or some other type of bracelet, how can i do it without my parents finding out?

Hi Would really like to get a ribbon, realise I am a bit late but if anyone can tell me where in the uk i can buy one i'd be grateful. Sorry ashley, not sure if you can get onw eithout aprents finding out so it may get delivered etc. You can always say its a initiative at school and you's are raising awareness etc xx

do you ave any orange and white wristbands for a recovering self halmer please can you help me. Thank you From Lisa Swinburn

I wear a band i made it`s orange beads and one white. What`s that for? `cus i think it`s for self harms and support but there seems to be lods of versions!! thanx

Hey Guys

For those of you who are still interested in this - is now selling a huge choice of both Silicone and Hand made glass beaded bracelets.

As I say - there are tons to choose from, and now include the recovery/incentive bracelets - to help those who are trying to quit... hell RYL is even giving out free ones to it's members who are crossing the 1 one point to try our best to help!

And every single penny goes right back to helping those who Self Harm.

The address is :

Hope that might be of help to those still searching

i just wanted to see if i could talk to someone about self harm-we could help eachother out, i am happy to listen to them even if they aren't to me.

Hi all,

Equilibrium ( does a whole array of awareness merchandise, though we do sell out almost as soon as we get a new batch. Please also remember that we ship worldwide.

We're also proud to launch our new "Love | Life" campaign: The campaign is based around our new awareness merchandise, the Dog Tags, which are ultra durable and heavy duty aluminium ones that don't discolour or rust like steel ones. These are only £2 +P&P worldwide!

Equilibrium - Pioneers of self injury awareness :)


You can get the "SI Awareness" wristbands from They are plain orange.

Hey! I "trust" wikipedia the most,so i belive the orange ribbon is the right one..see for yourselves: here is the explanation that the orange ribbon is the right one instead of the red/black-

and here you have "awearness ribbons" listed of all colours and explained what do they stand for-

Hope I've helped,bye

I have a bracelet from it is sold orange and says SI Awareness

I think it just depends on how you feel about it. I wear orange, and am currently recovering, but some of my friends wear orange to support me.

I know those silcone bands are in fashion but what keeps people from crafting their wristband themselves? Just want to point out you don't have to buy a piece of plastic to be supportive. Rather craft it yourself and donate some money to some organisation, or even better donate your help and work with activist!

Otherwise all the colors we fly will turn into nothing but empty phrases and vanity....


Just curious...what is everyone doing to bring Self-Injury Awareness Day to the forefront this year?

By the way...I believe the color is Orange.

I believe self-injury is prominent enough that it should be given international attention on a regular basis. Research is showing that self-injury among school-aged children is growing at an exponential rate worldwide. If this trend is to change, then parents, educators and health professionals should be exposed to the facts surrounding self-injury and be advised of treatment options. It is great that one day of the year has been allocated to self-injury, but it is up to others to ensure that it remains in people's thoughts consistently throughout the year. I have shared my thoughts on this issue on my blog as well and would love comments.

Vanessa probably said it perfectly. Although one does have to consider the recent trend it has become.. I'm sure this has altered many studies' results. As the trend dies out, the studies should revert to accurate measures of it. However, pre-trend it was still prevalent enough to deserve international attention in my opinion, even with multiple errors in the figures taken. They class any behaviour that was inflicted on oneself, purposeful or without purpose as self harm in many scenarios - thus lending more toward misrepresentation in the studies.

hey the colour for self injury is orange, recovery is white. braclets with a combination of the two are showing acertain stage of recovery.

blue and red are the colours for eating disorders.

if you guys want to help people who self injure or have eating disorders, pleas please please check out this website it is a support site for self injury, self harm (i.e. other than cutting) bi-poloar, other mental problems, eating disorders...basically everything that barely anyone ever talks about properly. please jsut look at it. there is an option to donate money to, but thats not why im posting this. i want to raise awareness of self injsut so more people can get help wihtout feeling liek they are freaks, or that people will laugh.

im nearly 16 years old, i have self injured since i was 14, i have had an eating disorder for 7 months, and have attempted suicide 3 times. being in this place is very lonely. recoveryourlife is somewhere where im not alone, or judged, and im aloud to be me.

how can i get a ribbon in the US and how much does it cost

i'm so happy there is a site for this.... i'm a recovering self injurer and currently struggling with relapses in bulimia and cutting and seeing all these people come together for the same cause....i'm overjoyed.

#36 says "wt cula do u fink i shud get if u usd 2 do self harm but dnt nemor-yet u dnt wnt ne1 2 no???"

holy crow, person! it would be easier for people to help you with your request if they could understand what you're trying to say. damn, go back to does do some good.

translated for #36: hly croe, prson! it wuld b ezer fr peepl too hlp u wif yer reekwest if dey culd uhndrstnd wut yer triing too sy. dam, goh bak 2 duz do sum gud.

do you have to buy the bracelets or can you make your own? Do you have to use a certain kind of beads/string? Or does it matter? Could someone let me know how to make my own because I don't have the money to buy one. Thanks.

I make my own glass-bead bracelets, for myself or I'll gift them to friends in need.

I really would like a silicone one. I can't find one anywhere. Can anyone link me to one? :[

I have orange for current SI-er. I just made it. They're not hard, and if you don't explain to your parents what it means, and they have to ask, chances are that they don't know.

I am starting a self injury support group in akron, ohio. If you are interested, feel free to e-mail me!

I make my own bracelets. To me they mean more that way plus i don't have to pay for them. Right now i am wearing orange which I understand is the color for people who cut. I have a white and orange one which i have been waiting to wear once i recover from my cutting. I am getting through it thanks to one of my guy friends.

Orange is for current people who currently SI.

Orange/White is for people who are recovering.

White is for concerned parties.

This Self injury day may be more memorable if you give wristbands printed the cause over it and pass those awareness wristbands among your friends and family members. For these wristbands we offer special discount on wristband price.

Ok. Wristband colours. Note that these, especially the two coloured ones are meant to be BEADED wristbands, although I daresay it would work for silicon ones too.

These ones I have seen as silicon ones as well:

Red = AIDS, AIDS awareness

Yellow = suicidal, and suicide awareness

I have only seen these ones as beaded, but for the single colour black, light blue, orange, and white they would probably work as silicon too:

Black = depression

Black and white alternating = recovered from depression, or concerned parties

Light blue = currently has an eating disorder

Light blue and white alternating = recovered from eating disorder, concerned parties

Orange = current self harmer

Orange and white alternating = concerned parties

These ones aren't for 'awareness' as such, but are used by self harmers trying to quit as a reminder of how far they have come and an incentive to keep going:

Orange with one white bead = self harmer trying to stop

Orange, one quarter white = has not self harmed for a month

Orange, half white = has not self harmed for three months

Orange, three quarters white = has not self harmed for six months

White with one orange bead = has not self harmed for a year

White = Ex self harmer, considers themselves to be 'free' of the addiction to self harm, often used after three years of no self harm

You can buy a lot of these from here:

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