Sharp Blue: The gradual removal of prejudices


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Niels Bohr said that science is the gradual removal of prejudices. Before we begin an investigation, we think we know how the world is, but the world shows us more and more ways in which we are wrong. We learn that we are wrong about what things are. We learn that we are wrong about how things work. Today, I have learned that sometimes we are wrong about who people are. That I have been betrayed is one thing. Perhaps, in other ways, with other words, with discussion, with consideration, it would hardly have been a betrayal at all. What hurts is the manner of its delivery. What hurts more is that it makes me realise a friend is not a man of honour or integrity, and the vast cowardice he showed by not speaking to me. What hurts most is that he would claim as his own words manifestly written by another. What hurts most is that he would write in such a cold, impersonal tone that I would initially assume he had claimed as his own words written by another. One would have hoped that all those years were worth more than that.

Today, pasts that never truly were died, and strange futures were born.

I think perhaps we are always wrong about who people are. If we cannot even know ourselves, know who we are, what we are about, how can we presume to understand someone else? My philosophy is to cut your losses, accept some people as friends and damn everyone else. Cheers.

Richard, what's this all about? -- is everything OK? (well, clearly not ...) Haven't heard from you in ages and am curious if you have returned/are returning to the Bridge. And I'm glad to read that your dad's prospect continue to improve. all the best, jeff

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