Sharp Blue: A life in boxes


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A few days ago, I decided that I’ll move back to Bristol semi-permanently so I can be near my dad while he’s undergoing his interferon therapy. So that Paul can use what was my room as a study, I’ll be moving all my stuff back over the next few weeks. This has unleashed a maelstrom of barely controlled chaos in my house. To accomodate all that extra stuff (which has accumulated at a ferocious rate in the six years since I last had to bring my belongings back from Cambridge), I’m going to have to refurnish my bedroom. I ordered some nice new wardrobes and cupboards and a hi-fi rack on Saturday, but they’re due to arrive in multiple batches over the next six weeks. But I have to get rid of my old wardrobes right now to make room for the first batch of new furniture (and its assembly!). This has entailed days and days of sorting through old books and magazines and folder after folder full of my writing, and the boxing of anything that survives my filtering. My bedroom and the study now contain a vast mountain of large brown cardboard boxes. When I bring back the first wave of things from Cambridge this weekend I might even be able to manage a whole mountain range of boxes!

During the same period, I’ll be hunting for a job, taking my dad to radiotherapy and for interferon injections, and trying to find time for socialising. It’s a good thing that I thrive on being busy. Also, postponing my business with Paul has given me time to develop some other ideas I’ve been thinking about for a while, several of which might be moderately lucrative. I hadn’t realised till now just how deeply my recent education in business had saturated my mind - during free moments for the last few days I’ve been thinking almost directly in business plans. Now that I’m not having to plan my timetables around somebody else’s plans and whims, I think I should be able to get started on implementing one of these new ideas pretty quickly (probably in the next few weeks!). Watch this space.