Sharp Blue: MRI results: the turn of the tide


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Today, my dad got the results of the six-month follow-up MRI scan of his brain, and they were good. The tumour was still visible, but is now just 5mm across, which is about an eighth the size it was before treatment and much smaller than in was in the three-month scan. This is entirely as expected and probably indicates that the tumour has been successfully “zapped” and now no longer poses a threat. There was also no sign of any damage associated with the transient ischaemic attack that he had a while back. The oncologist seems to think that the cancer is now “under control” and is further from being imminently life-threatening than it’s been for a long time.

This is, needless to say, a huge relief. The development of the cancer has been halted at quite an advanced stage, and my dad now gets exhausted just walking up or down stairs, but it has been halted. Now begins the long battle to drive it back.

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