Sharp Blue: Fire on Ward 61


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While we were saying “goodnight” to my dad this evening, the fire alarm went off. Almost at once, a nurse came in to tell us to evacuate the building. By the time we got to the stairs, the ward was filling with smoke and a smell of burning plastic. We made our way to the main entrance and waited to find out what was happening. The nurses waited on the ward, ready to move the patients if they need to. Within five minutes, two fire engines arrived, and then another two a few minutes later. A handful of fire fighters went up to investigate. The small crowd of people huddled around the main door waited in the cold night for news.

Eventually someone came down to tell us that the fire had been extinguished. It turned out that someone had accidentally set a microwave to heat a meal for thirty minutes instead of three minutes, and it had incinerated the food and then destroyed the microwave itself. When we ventured back to the ward to check that my dad was okay, a cluster of nurses were examining the wreckage. I’d never have thought that it was possible for a microwave oven to make such a warped and charred mess. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. Things could easily have been much worse - there are oxygen cylinders stored near the kitchen.

I can’t seem to get rid of the smell of burning plastic.

Bad UI design, eh? Imagine what would happen if you had to type in the number of decibels that you wanted on your stereo...

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