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My dad came home from hospital yesterday morning, and yesterday was quite a hectic day. My sister and I were running around all afternoon buying things that he really needed but which we hadn’t had time to get previously - it’s hard to find a tea-trolley in this day and age (in the end, we got a midi-hifi rack on wheels instead).

Then we thought disaster struck: his catheter became blocked, so a district nurse came round to replace it and couldn’t get a new one in. In the end, we had to call for an emergency doctor to insert one. Then later it became very painful and so we had to call out another nurse to remove it. During all this, my mum was trying to see if he could be readmitted to the oncology ward to sort this out. In the end, though, he decided that perhaps a bed-pan was better than a catheter, especially as he’d lose bladder control if he became reliant on a catheter.

Today saw a possible setback too: The washing machine stopped working this afternoon. Needless to say, with the amount of bedding we’re washing this would have been a major incovenience. Fortunately, it then started working again spontaneously when my mum tried to start it up again to see how far through a cycle it got before grinding to a halt. I think it was just annoyed that it was doing all the work while all the attention was lavished on the cute new DVD player that my dad’s family bought for him. I’ll probably be forced to spend endless evenings watching films now, woe is me!

In other news, I think I’m going to experiment with cross-posting Sharp Blue to my livejournal to make it easier for people to read there, and easier to comment too. This might not last.

Again, thanks for the update. I'm really glad to hear that Uncle is home again. Now be brave, do your filial duty and stoically sit through all those movies.... :) We'll keep up with the prayers and good wishes.

love and hugs, R.x.

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