Sharp Blue: Plateau


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Ever since my dad came home from hospital, his condition seems to have stabilised. He has bad days, of course, mixed in with the good ones, but on balance he seems to be doing okay. A couple of weeks ago, the blood tests found that his blood calcium was increasing again and he was feeling more pain, but he’s started taking a new medication, Bonefos, for that and the pain seems to be subsiding again. We’ll know if the calcium level is coming down again later this week when the results of the latest blood tests arrive (he doesn’t even have the blood samples taken till tomorrow though). He also seems to be suffering a bit more than usual from fluid retention, but that’s a side effect of various of his medications.

The oncology consultant says that it’s been known for carcinoma cases to reach a plateau and stabilise “indefinitely”. I don’t want to hope that might happen, but I’m certainly coming out of crisis mode for the moment.

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