Sharp Blue: Slight mechanical failure


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My dad is still doing quite well. He’s a bit sleepier than he was - it takes till early afternoon for him to wake up properly - but his blood calcium is well within safe limits and he seems to be relatively stable. Other than a severe pain under one shoulder that seems to strike for five or ten minutes a couple of times a week, he’s not in much pain. He’s still in good spirits and still highly lucid. All in all, things are much better than any of us expected.

We had a scare this week though. One day, he slept practically all day and was very far from lucid or coherent when he was awake. In the end, we found that his oxygen supply rate had fallen sharply. Then, after talking to a service engineer, we found that when the carers had moved the bed they’d parked it right on top of his oxygen pipe, which was squashed flat. I’d always been very careful with the tube, but I suppose it’s now one more thing to which we have to pay closer attention. I wasn’t happy that it took us almost a whole day to find this.

I am really glad to hear that good news. Thanks for the update. :) The same old stuff about our prayers and good wishes... :)

*hugs Rich*

How are you?

I'm fine. Thanks for asking :)

Ah Rich, I didn't know that your Dad was ill... and because I always internalize everything, the loss of my own Dad, my heart hurts for you this morning...I send hugs and comfort...

I can only hope that his pain and the suffering of those who love him are balanced, in time, by the memories of all the good things that transpired in his and your lives.

much love to you, vaughn

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