Sharp Blue: Hypercalcemia revisited


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We just got a call from our GP with the results of my dad’s latest blood tests. Usually, it takes a few days for the results to come through from the laboratory, but this was the results for the blood sample taken this morning. His blood calcium has risen over the threshold at which we have to start worrying about it.

This surprised all of us, because the vomiting from last week has died down and now he’s got his appetite back too. My guess is that his blood calcium got out of control after he threw up his Bonefos a few days in a row last week. The GP said that we should double his dosage of Bonefos until further notice and keep a very close eye on him for worsening symptoms (he had a few minutes of confusion after waking up this morning, but that went away and he didn’t have a similar incident after his afternoon nap). If things get worse, he might have to be readmitted to hospital for IV treatment.

I don’t suppose we can do anything but wait and hope.

Update:Earlier, my mum said that the doctor had said my dad’s blood calcium had risen a whole unit over the threshold. The threshold is 3.0 (units unknown!) so I thought that his level was now 4.0. Immediately life-threatening symptoms like he had last time kick in at 3.5, so I was obviously very worried. Now it turns out that my mother had mis-reported the level: she meant 3.1, not 4.0 (“Isn’t .1 a unit?”). So things are still worse than we hoped, but not as bad as I earlier feared.

"Isn't .1 a unit?" That's what mothers are for, Rich. heh-heh

But seriously, I hope that the panic's over, and that Santa brought you something nice this year.

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