Sharp Blue: The Prehistory of Sharp Blue, part two


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Here is another batch of posts I made to the Culture Mailing List that would have been Sharp Blue articles if I’d had a weblog back then:

  • “Newtonian Spacetime”, Part 1 of my old Very Brief History of Time. This is about the structure of space and time in classical physics, which closely conforms to our intuitive notions of absolute space and time.
  • “Coordinate and Proper Time”, the second part of the VBHT. This one seems to make some very pedantic observations about different types of “time” in classical physics, but these distinctions will become very important when I talk about the theories of relativity.
  • “The Subjective Horizon” a discussion of the future effects of technological progress on our sense of the size of the universe.

I hope that my readers are happy with this rate of recycling of old content. If not, I could go more slowly.

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