Sharp Blue: The Eloquent Peasant


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The weblogs that I like most seem to combine two elements. Firstly, the writer is an expert on some field and the weblog is focused to some degree on that field. Secondly, the factual content is leavened with personality and opinion. (I suppose by these criteria I must dislike my own weblog, as I’m not an expert on anything much and I’ve been trying to stay away from personal posts for no reason other than that I think that my readers aren’t particularly interested.) Most of my interests are well served by weblogs that meet these two criteria, but when I started to become very interested in ancient Egypt a year or two ago I looked around for a weblog on Egyptology that I thought I’d enjoy reading and couldn’t find any. Now Margaret Maitland has filled this gap with her new and very interesting weblog, The Eloquent Peasant. I’d advise anybody who enjoys my posts on history to take a look.

Now, is there a good weblog on Sumer, Akkad, Babylon and Assyria out there?

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