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I’ve been forced to change my plans for Ad Astra Book One because I’ve found that I have too much good material. By the time I’ve finished revising it, the history section alone will be around a hundred pages long (including timelines). With a table of contents, foreword, “in character” introduction (and probably a few more actual articles that I don’t yet have planned), it’ll be hovering around 110 pages. This means that my plan to include both the history and a description of Sol System in 2286 in one 128 page book isn’t very realistic, especially as the Sol System parts will probably end up longer than planned too.

Thus, I present my newest plan: a 108 page Ad Astra: History release, followed a few months later (assuming I keep up my pace of two to four pages per day) by Ad Astra: Sol System 2286. Judging by the survey responses so far, these will be followed by Ad Astra: Archipelago and Ad Astra: Technical Reference releases (in some order) at similar intervals. (All, of course, assuming that I sell enough to convince me that people actually want to read all this stuff. I hope I will, because it’s starting to become something of which I can be proud even with my perfectionism switched on!) This new plan has two advantages. Firstly, Book One might arrive sooner than I’d expected. Secondly, each release has a pleasing conceptual coherence that was lacking in the previous decomposition of the setting.

This plan is also subject to change…

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