Ad Astra: A Science Fiction Game

Designers' Notes

This section is a meta-discussion of the the Ad Astra project. It describes our plans for the game, its history, reasons for doing things in certain ways and so on.

The Beginning
There is no hard sf role-playing game on the market that meets our very high standards, and so we set out to write one.
Ad Astra is different in scale and flavour to every other science fiction game, and will be very hard sf. To gain some idea of the atmosphere of the game, this section lists some books which have provided an inspiration for out vision of the future.
The Website
The Ad Astra website is the most effective means of providing information on the current state of the game.
Book Contents
Ad Astra will be presented as a series of five books. The first will the base description of the game. Books Two, Three, Four and five will present the Sol, Persephone, Archipelago and Galaxy campaigns. There may be additional books of technical reference and further background.
Sol Campaign
The first campaign Dreams and Visions serves to introduce the background of Sol System, and start many trains of events that will play out in later campaigns.
Persephone Campaign
The second campaign, will be about the colonization of Persephone, one of the most unusual worlds in Human space and home of the Xiekantra.
Archipelago Campaign
This campaign, The Tears of Kali is where things really start to happen. We already know the plot for each episode, but we don't want to give anything away!
Vehicle Design Sequence
The Galaxy

The future of Ad Astra

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